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IMMOSCOOP is the online property portal
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Who is immoscoop
IMMOSCOOP is the online real estate portal with the latest properties from official real estate agents.
Submit your home
Submit your home
Ofcourse! At IMMOSCOOP you can submit your property for sale or for rent as a private home owner.
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Properties in your mailbox!
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The IMMOSCOOP app for IOS & Android features Belgium's most complete and up-to-date property offers.

On the road, on the beach or in your lazy chair, this app gives you direct access to all properties for sale, for rent or new developments on IMMOSCOOP.

There is always an IMMOSCOOP estate agents that can help you

Planning to sell or let your property? Would you like to publish an IMMOSCOOP ad? As a property owner, you can publish your property free of charge.

You can also rely on the professional services of an IMMOSCOOP real estate agent, who will guide you throughout the entire process.