Terms and Conditions


Applicability of the terms of use

The website IMMOSCOOP.be is managed by IMMOSCOOP CVBA with registered offices in Stationstraat 35, 2950 Kapellen, Belgium (hereafter referred to as: IMMOSCOOP). Read these terms of use (hereafter referred to as "Terms") carefully before using the IMMOSCOOP websites and application.

The mere use of the IMMOSCOOP website or application implies that you accept the current terms completely and irrevocably. If you do not agree with one or more terms, you must not use IMMOSCOOP.


Acceptable use

As a user of the IMMOSCOOP website or application, you must act and behave in every respect as expected of a responsible and careful internet user. Using the (contents of the) website for any activity or conduct that is against the law or against the public order or morality is forbidden.

More precisely, the following activities or types of conduct is forbidden:

(a) abusing or otherwise violating the intellectual property rights of IMMOSCOOP and/or third parties;
(b) making prejudiced, unjust or misleading statements;
(c) distribution of illegal information;
(d) evading or removing the security measures of (parts of) the website.

You are only allowed to download one copy of the material made available on the website for your own, non-commercial use. You are not allowed to, without prior written approval of IMMOSCOOP, to otherwise copy, alter, distribute, publish, reverse engineer, decompile, spider, crawl, scrape or use and/or exploit in any other way the material that is made available. You are allowed to place a hyperlink (a technical command, referring to an IMMOSCOOP site, as a result of which the IMMOSCOOP site will appear within its own frames) upon prior written consent by IMMOSCOOP. If you do not comply with the provided regulations described above, IMMOSCOOP reserves the right to seek redress from you for any damages resulting from this unauthorised use.



In certain sections, the IMMOSCOOP website contains hyperlinks to content provided by third parties or to websites managed by third parties. We are not liable for the quality and correctness of the content of these websites. We must not be considered to be the party that generally approves, publishes or allows these websites or this content. The providers of these websites are the sole parties responsible for compliance with legislation and regulations concerning the products and services offered on these sites, in particular the legislation concerning consumer protection, distance selling, pricing legislation and more.



IMMOSCOOP strives for an up-to-date offering on its website, with relevant and useful information for visitors and tries to maintain its servers in optimal working condition and free of viruses. However, IMMOSCOOP cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness, appropriateness of the coverage and information on its website, for whichever use, and cannot guarantee that the website is free from viruses and as such, IMMOSCOOP cannot be held liable. In case of doubts about the correctness, completeness or appropriateness of the data or in case of any problems or faults in this respect, we recommend contacting the party providing the data (usually the estate agents offering the property).

IMMOSCOOP is not liable for any decision or action that the user undertakes based on the provided information, data or coverage, nor for any errors or mistakes.

IMMOSCOOP is not liable for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from or related to the use of the site or the information, data and coverage provided on the site, nor for the unavailability of the site. IMMOSCOOP cannot be held responsible for the content of websites that are, in whichever way, connected to the IMMOSCOOP website, for instance through hyper(text) link(s), metatag(s) content or other data, as can be the result of spidering data and content, nor for the (content of the) services and/or information from third parties, offered in whichever way on the IMMOSCOOP websites.

IMMOSCOOP is not liable for damage, neither direct, nor indirect, resulting from the electronic means for communicating with the site, including but not limited to damage as a result of the non-delivery or delayed delivery of electronic messages, interception or manipulation of electronic messages by third parties or by programmes or applications used for electronic communication or transmission of viruses. The user indemnifies IMMOSCOOP for any damages resulting from claims from third parties that are in any way related to or resulting from the use of the IMMOSCOOP website or application, or to or from the violation of or non-compliance with the Terms.


Registration and password

Users are free to register on the site www.immoscoop.be. They are required to, fill out a form with their personal details. The registration is governed by the privacy policy and provides access to free services such as:

(a) saving property search criteria
(b) saving information about properties of interest
(c) the possibility to add a personal score to properties of interest
(d) the possibility to add comments to properties of interest
(e) the possibility to see how many times an ad has been viewed since it was created
(f) an e-mail alert as soon as a property that meets one's search criteria is published on the site
(g) an alert when the price of a property of interest changes
(h) newsletters with tips and advice about buying properties, lettings, auctions, removals, financing and real estate in general
(i) information and catalogues concerning topics of interest

The password used for identification in order to use the above services is personal and confidential. You are the only person responsible for the use of this password and agree not to transfer the password to third parties. Users have sole and full responsibility for any activity carried out using their access code.


Availability and refusal of access

Even though it is our objective to ensure that IMMOSCOOP is available 24/7, we reserve the right to suspend access to the site for technical or other reasons at any possible time and without prior warning. We also reserve the right to terminate our services, without being held liable for interruptions and any possible results for you or for any third party.

IMMOSCOOP will, to the extent possible, ensure that the site and the files that can be downloaded from the site are free of bugs, viruses, Trojans and illegal spyware. The absence of these items, however, cannot be guaranteed. IMMOSCOOP cannot be held liable for any resulting damage or loss for the user. IMMOSCOOP strongly advises users to install a firewall, antivirus software or other required security software on their computers.

IMMOSCOOP reserves the right to unilaterally prohibit access to the site or part of it for a natural person or legal entity in case they:

(a) violate the current terms of use
(b) use the personal details they have access to send spam messages, whatever their purpose may be
(c) place false or illegal ads on the site
(d) harm the site's reputation in any way
(e) infringe a third party's intellectual rights
(f) use the site for illegal purposes

We also reserve the right to take legal action against these persons or entities.

We also reserve the right to unilaterally remove an ad that has been placed on the site, even before the end of the publication period, to deactivate it or change it in the following cases:

(a) An ad refers to a property that is sold or let
(b) A description is in breach of the terms of use
(c) One or more pictures do not depict the property explicitly or the property is depicted in the background
(d) An ad contains the address of another website
(e) An ad is incorrect, in particular the location, or an ad is illegal


Intellectual rights

All intellectual property rights related to the IMMOSCOOP website and application, including texts, graphs, logos, buttons, pictures, HTML-code, database and pictograms remain solely with IMMOSCOOP. Intellectual property rights include, among others, copyrights, patent rights, brand rights, trade name rights, database rights, model rights, domain names, the rights of producers of a database and other intellectual property rights in Belgium or elsewhere.

The layout of this site (plan, choice and organisation of the sections, organisation of the data …) is protected by a legal policy concerning copyrights. IMMOSCOOP can prohibit the use of part of a text, the full website or of qualitatively or quantitatively substantial parts. The Belgian law of 31 August 1998 concerning the legal protection of databases (transposed in European directive 96/9/EC) stipulates that infringement of these rights is subject to penalties, from €500.000 fines to, in case of repetition, 2 years of imprisonment.

With this document, IMMOSCOOP grants the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable and at any time revocable license to open the content of the website on one computer, to visualise it and download it with the sole purpose of consulting the content. The user is also allowed to print a copy of the content represented on the site, for personal use only, on condition that the content of the site is not changed and that all references of authorship and origin of the site are retained. As such, reproduction is only allowed for personal use and as a personal copy, in the sense of the copyright legislation.

Certain names, characteristics, and logos on the website are registered trademarks or trademarks that are the property of IMMOSCOOP or of their respective owners. Unless explicitly mentioned and unless prior approval has been obtained from the license holders, including IMMOSCOOP, any use of names, brands and logos or the illegal use of these signs, is prohibited.

Every copy, translation, adjustment, alteration or any use of all or part of the protected parts of the website, under whatever form and using whatever means, is strictly forbidden without prior written approval by IMMOSCOOP. Any request in this respect can be sent to support@immoscoop.be Any commercial use of the contents of this site is strictly forbidden.

Apart from explicit refusal that must not be accounted for, hyperlinks to the homepage of the site, using the url: http://www.immoscoop.be, is allowed. Every hyperlink to a page within the site is forbidden unless prior written approval has been obtained from IMMOSCOOP.

IMMOSCOOP can in no case be held liable for any complaints or legal actions by visitors of the IMMOSCOOP website or by a third party who claims that the use of any element in the content of the site or any of the products or services offered on the site would infringe on their intellectual rights.


Intellectual rights

As part of the process of offering certain electronic services, IMMOSCOOP sometimes uses 'cookies'. A cookie is a small file stored on your computer's hard drive in order to recognise you during subsequent visits. These cookies are only used to improve the usability of the site or for sending on information about our company or about our (new) products and services.

You can adjust your browser settings in order to receive an alert when a cookie is placed or you can prohibit the placement of cookies. In that case, however, you cannot use the full functionality of the site.

The domain name under which the cookies are stored is, among others, www.immoscoop.be & applications. The lifespan of the cookies varies from the length of your visit to unlimited. The storage and transfer of your details via the internet are secured. You have the right to access rights your personal data that have been collected using cookies and you have the right to correct and/or remove these data by sending an e-mail to the IMMOSCOOP helpdesk.

You can always raise objections against the use of your personal details for direct marketing purposes by sending an e-mail to: support@immoscoop.be



The IMMOSCOOP website is property of IMMOSCOOP

To IMMOSCOOP, responsible handling of user data is of the utmost importance. Your personal data is processed and stored with care. IMMOSCOOP operates in accordance with the regulations stipulated in the Privacy legislation. The objective of this Privacy Statement is to inform you about the way in which IMMOSCOOP uses the personal data that is collected about you on this website and about how you can have this data changed or removed.

This Privacy Statement only refers to this website and not to other websites to which hyperlinks are included on this site. Please consult the page "Privacy" for more information.



IMMOSCOOP reserves the right to unilaterally change or alter the Terms at any time and without prior warning. Changes or alterations to the Terms are published here. Please regularly consult the Terms. If you have further questions, please contact: IMMOSCOOP CVBA, Stationstraat 35, 2950 Kapellen, Belgium.



If any clause of these Terms is, in part or in full, illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the other clauses of the Terms and the Terms as a whole will remain valid and in force. As soon as one of the clauses in these Terms is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, this clause will be replaced with by a completely legal and enforceable clause that reflects the original meaning of the clause as accurately as possible.


Governing law and court of jurisdiction

The current Terms and the relationships between IMMOSCOOP and the users of the IMMOSCOOP website/application are governed by Belgian law. Any dispute resulting from the use of the IMMOSCOOP site/application will, excluding any other (arbitration) courts, exclusively be settled by the competent courts of the judicial district of Antwerp.